High Speed Passion (Rough cut)


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About this video

Jason Shron has been obsessed with the United Aircraft TurboTrain since he was two years old. It has been over 40 years since the TurboTrain first rocketed to its record-breaking speeds and touched the hearts of a new generation of rail and transportation enthusiasts. Part train, part jet aircraft, the TurboTrain was the latest in ground transport innovation. But the Turbo's promise of a new era of passenger travel sadly went unfulfilled, and Jason shares some of this story from his own experiences and research on this amazing piece of railroad technology.

Jason started Rapido Trains Inc., a company that manufactures -- among other things -- a working scale model of the Turbo. Jason could pretend he is a well-rounded individual by listing his other interests and hobbies, but who would he be kidding? He is a train-obsessed nut case ...