Weathering with Gary Christensen, part 1

Rolling stock

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About this video

Gary Christensen is a member of The Weathering Shop and is known worldwide for his beautifully-weathered models of rolling stock.  He sat down at Joe Fugate's dining room table to share his techniques.  This segment - "Making the Fade" - is part one of a three-part series.

Gary has provided a list of materials for this project:

1. Dull Cote in a small can 

2. Alpha Color pastel sticks (Earth tones) 

3. Ceremacote Craft acrylic paint (Terra Cotta) 

4. Graham & Co. Oil paints ( transparent orange oxide and titanium white) 

5. Soft sable haired brushes of various sizes and widths. The brushes are pretty much left to the discretion of the artist who is weathering. There are numerous sizes of brushes for certain area duties of each weathering project.